about hepburn wind

Hepburn Wind is the owner and operator of Australia’s first community owned wind farm, at Leonards Hill, just south of Daylesford Victoria.

The 4.1 MW wind farm comprises two turbines and is located at Leonards Hill, in Central Victoria, just south of Daylesford and approximately 100 km north-west of Melbourne.

Hepburn Wind is the trading name of Hepburn Community Wind Park Co-operative Ltd, a co-operative registered in Victoria, Australia.

Hepburn Wind was established in 2007 by the Hepburn Renewable Energy Association, now known as SHARE.

the co-operative

Hepburn Community Wind Park Co-operative Ltd (Hepburn Wind) is a trading co-operative registered in Victoria (Reg. No: G0003442Y, ABN: 87 572 206 200) with over 1900 members, the majority of whom are local to the project. The co-operative structure, with each member having one vote, ensures democratic control however members will receive dividends proportional to their investment. The co‑operative is managed by a board of nine volunteer directors who are elected at Annual General Meetings of the co‑operative. Operational support is provided by a local executive team.

Shares in Hepburn Wind may only be purchased by co-operative members. If you are interested in joining the co-operative and purchasing shares, please register your interest. You will then be able to download our disclosure information and application form.

electricity sales

Red Energy, a retailer owned by Snowy Hydro, purchases the total output of the wind farm. Red Energy and Hepburn Wind have developed Community Saver a retail product available to all residents of Victoria. This provides a 100% renewable electricity product at competitive pricing. In addition, Red Energy contributes up to $50 a year to the Hepburn Wind Community Fund for each customer on the Community Saver plan who pays their bill on time.

hepburn wind community fund

A proportion of the revenue from the sale of electricity, plus the contribution from Red Energy goes to community projects through the Hepburn Wind Community Fund. Per turbine, the fund is the most generous community fund of any wind farm in Australia and is projected to provide well over $1m to local sustainability projects over the next 25 years.


The project’s financing comprises:

  • capital from members and applicants — $9,640,225
  • Sustainability Victoria RESF grant — $975,000
  • Regional Development Victoria RIDF grant — $750,000
  • Bendigo and Adelaide Bank loan (10 years, not fully drawn) — $3,100,000
  • a debt guarantee from Embark Australia — $1,000,000

Future Energy Pty Ltd underwrote a significant portion of the early stage development costs.

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